Let the utterances commence!

Copyright 2012: Photo Courtesy of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture, and Sports

Copyright 2012: Photo Courtesy of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture, and Sports

I want to formally welcome you to the Cave of the Oracle! For those of you who know me, no introduction is needed. Still, hopefully new readers will join you all and will want to get to know me better, so I’ll talk a bit about why I chose the name for this blog.

My name in the Pagan Community is Oracle, and it has been since 2004 when that Name revealed itself to me, for lack of a better term. Some people might not know what I mean by a “Pagan Name” or a “Craft Name.” In Pagan parlance, a Craft Name (also known as a Magical Name) is a word or words that encompass one’s identity in our faith. A Name is usually picked and chosen after great deliberate care and research; or it should be. The Name may link a person to a specific sacred animal or plant (e.g. Raven Digitalis, Running Deer), a patron Deity (e.g. Selene, Artemisia), or may be unique in that even the person who has the Name may not fully realize what it means yet. Some Names are selected, although there is a subtle feeling that it’s more of a “connection.” For myself, my Name was given and revealed. It doesn’t make it better or worse, it just is.

At the time, I had just dedicated to Paganism and to whatever-was-out-there, and I was meditating and thinking about what was “me.” I didn’t really have any strong Pagan connections to anything, or as far as what I understood Paganism to be about in the first place. Lots of 101 books encouraged Nature, the outdoors, and being one with it. Well, not only do I live in Florida where stepping on the ground barefoot invites vicious attacks from all sorts of things, but I am a bookworm who rarely gets out of the house, and it was even worse then. I had no reason to be out-of-doors, especially in the Summer when the A/C was more holy than the burning Sun. My dissonance being evident at that time nonetheless, I had discovered a faith that was relevant to me and I wanted to feel as if I were a part of it. So I continued meditating on what exactly my Name would be. I had heard of other rather cool sounding Names that many had like Moon Willow, Skydancer, Azure Sea, Ocean Star, and more. Some were in another language like Irish Gaelic or Egyptian because the Names were unique to that Pagan path. Yet I had nothing. I wasn’t even sure what my “path” was to be honest. For those reading and not in the know, a Pagan path is a specific paradigm wherein one learns about the Pagan pantheons, magico-religious affiliations, or any other Pagan-related subjects unique to that way of interacting with the world around you. A “path” may be a specific Tradition or School of Thought, or it may be a mishmash of one’s learning along the way.

Anyway, back to my Name, since this is what it is about. (I am fairly long-winded, and cannot resist giving backstories or roundabout explanations in order to make sure that anyone I am speaking to is on the same page with me; call it communication OCD). After a month of wondering, I basically just forgot about it. Then while lying in bed the words literally flashed in my mind and floated across my eyes. It was an internal echo: “Oracle, Oracle, Oracle…” I wasn’t sure if anyone else had that Name, and frankly I didn’t care. It was mine, and no one could take that away from me. Immediately I announced it, did a mini-ritual to affirm for myself that Name, and have carried it since. The funny thing about Names, especially given ones, is that you can guess why you have it all you want but it will not be for many years until its true significance is revealed to you. A Name is more than a moniker to make you feel different and cool (some unfortunately use them like the code names featured in X-Men). It has unique Occult significance in that you are unveiling your Soul Purpose, as I call it. Many Gods and Goddesses had “secret Names” that were known only to Them or to Their priesthood, to be used in special times or unusual circumstances. Names have Power; the Power of association, identification, and bestowing recognition and life to something. This is evident especially in the Bible when Adam names all of the animals, or in Egyptian Mythology when Ra reveals His True Name to Aset (Isis) after being tricked. If you would like to have a better grasp of Naming, one of the most interesting stories to showcase this is Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea Series.

“Oracle” in and of itself meant little to me at the time. It wasn’t until many years down the road I came to the realization that the Hellenic Divinities were calling out to me, and loudly at that. My Work with Them is precisely what began unveiling the significance of my Name. My first encounter with a Hellenic Deity was when I was 8 years old with the Titan Goddess Hekate. I had watched the film Jason and the Argonauts, and Medea’s dance and interaction with Hekate were enough to leave an impression of Her to me at that tender age. It was not until 20 years later that I formally dedicated myself and began my Work with Her. That was when She led me to the rest of the Hellenic Pantheon; as a consequence my research revealed a lot more about the place of “Oracles” in the ancient Hellenic world.

I came to realize that an Oracle was a person who acted as an agent of the Gods, a mouthpiece and spokesperson. People would come from everywhere to have an opportunity to have insight into their own fate; they wanted to hear the Voice of the Gods. While the most famous Oracle known is the Oracle at Delphi, there were numerous other places that were sacred to various Gods and spirits which each had their own Oracles. Oracles were both men and women, but their most common theme was their connection to the Underworld. Some of the earliest Oracles had shrines and seats in caves that were sacred to the chthonic Deities (i.e. Hades, Persephone, Dionysus, Apollon, Gaea, etc.). Often utterances from the Gods were given while the Sacred Vessel was in a trance-possession, a state known as enthousiasmos. But as important as the function of the Oracles were in the antiquity, I learned much more about the persons who were anointed to become the Sacred Vessel of the Gods.

Whomever was chosen as the Sacred Vessel, they were said to be wedded to the Deity for whom they spoke. Hints and clues are given about the Oracle at Delphi that she (the Pythia) was the Bride of Apollon (1985, Greek Religion by Walter Burkert). They spoke in riddles and veiled terms, the Greek language allowing for several meanings for one word. They were often misunderstood, the real meaning behind their sayings only clear perhaps after the prophesied event. The Oracles were the properties of the Gods, being loyal to Them. This is important to understand, because it is never an easy thing not to belong to yourself. Now, while information in the written record may be difficult to glean as to what qualified someone to be an Oracle, I can only take examples from my own life and the trials and tests I have endured to hopefully give a glimpse of what being an Oracle means. One of the main differences I have learned the hard way is grasping the difference between a psychic and an Oracle. The notion that an Oracle is a Seer and not a psychic can be an uncomfortable dilemma for many, even though we use the terms “Seer” and “psychic” interchangeably.The Greek word for “Seer” is manteis (prophet, seer). An Oracle was a Seer, a born prophet (2008, Ancient Greek Divination by Sarah Iles Johnston) . The gift could come at the time of birth or later into adulthood; but the premise is that an Oracle was touched by the Gods Themselves to be Their Vessel. Some of the metaphors include having bees drip honey onto your lips (bees and honey were sacred to the Nymphai) or having one’s ears licked by serpents/dragons. Oftentimes one was gifted because of charis, or Divine Favor (such as Cassandra). These traits separate psychics from Oracles/Seers. Conversely the ability could be taken away if displeasure were brought to the Gods.

Psychics basically train (or are naturally skilled) to use various techniques and become sensitive enough to tap into another’s energies in order to give them information. But Oracles, whether a skilled psychic or not, can only see and reveal what the Gods want them to reveal. They cannot simply pick up on another’s energy or life story and ramble, as there can be consequences. Just because I see something doesn’t mean I am at liberty to discuss it with you. I have to wait until the Gods tell me, because sometimes knowing your immediate future is not the insight you need. Sometimes people experience hardships and need to go through them, discovering insight for themselves. As I studied more in-depth, I came to realize that even the Gods Themselves punished prophets for speaking too early or revealing too much. As an example, the Thracian king and manteis Phineas was blinded because he gave away too much information (and too clearly at that). I know I cannot always give clear and concise answers; I am a humble guide who must allow you to use your brain and natural talents to come to your own epiphany. I may know about your past, your present, and your future, but that doesn’t mean I can just tell you anything. It’s a fine line and a difficult road to walk. One of the ways in which this lesson came across was when I tried making a little extra money by doing readings on keen.com. I had a profile and you could call in and pay. Sadly, the people wanting a reading and the information I needed to give them were two separate things. It was frustrating for everyone.

I clearly recall one example when a woman called to ask me if she was going to have any children. I waited to hear something, and I told her, “Yes you will have a son. But while you are hearing that, you also need to hear this…” I began to talk to her about some issues in her past, what she did when she was 21 at the bar one night, and her encounter with a man that carried pain and bitterness for the past several years. After her sobbing and astonishment, she asked “Wait, you said I would have a son? But I want a daughter.” I told her, “I’m sorry but it will be a son.” She then started getting testy and saying that she really wanted a daughter; why can’t God give her what she wants? I had no reply. She pressed me, “Can you tell God I want a daughter?” I told her “I’m sure God already knows.” She wouldn’t let it go, and already the conversation about her bitterness that she needed to heal from was quickly forgotten. All her attention turned towards the fact that she desperately wanted a daughter. By this time, I shrugged and said, “I guess. Okay. It’s not up to me, but I hope you understand what we needed to speak about.” The call ended and I still didn’t make enough. Another time a man wanted to find out if his business would take off the ground, and I told him that rather than his business, he needed to stop planning an affair with his business partner. His wife was pregnant and he would regret the pain that was coming. All I heard was “click.” No wonder I stopped being called, now that I think about it…But it’s okay, because I cancelled my account on there anyway. I just can’t give people what they want I suppose.

Back to the topic: the one who is an Oracle will not live an easy life. There are many, many problems which come, including the “Cassandra Syndrome.” Basically giving someone the counsel they ask for (or not), and then not being listened to. No one doesn’t like being listened to, especially when they have been asked. Rejection is not easy to bear, but one must bear it nonetheless. This is the first lesson of any budding Oracle/Seer: that your gift will make you an outcast, different, and oftentimes lonely. Because you belong to the Gods, you are on Their agenda, not yours. It may also take many years before you come to realize the full potential of your Gift.

And that, I have learned, is part and parcel of this job.

So, basically, welcome to my Cave, my sanctum. Now, everything that I wrote above may be perceived by some as sounding pretentious, but rest assured I am anything but that. None of that means I am infallible – Gods no! I am a human being with faults and errors, and I have opinions to share. They are subject to critical analysis and debate, which I hope to spur through this blog. If anything, I am hoping to let out these musings which oftentimes will sound as if I’m bonkers. I’m a Dionysian child, so I’m okay with that. I’m okay with the fact that I have been known to break boundaries, challenge assumptions, and perhaps can see some things that others may miss. I’m okay with the fact that I court controversy with my stances on things. I’m also okay if we disagree. Bringing intellectual discussion to the tables is what I’m all about anyway, and these words will reach whomever it is meant to reach. I have a passion for my faith, and I want to see it grow in the right direction. I want to see us understand one another and what we have in common. There are also many issues which should be dealt with in civility, and hopefully in future blogs that can happen as well. If you want to have an opportunity to see about some of the things I have previously written about, look for my articles at The Witches’ Voice. Just search for my name, Oracle. One of the main reasons I am also writing a blog is because unfortunately they are always backed up, and I want to have a different avenue to be able to express things my way at my time. I am grateful for them even starting me in the first place, and giving me the confidence to assure myself that I can write and have something worth saying.

So, anyway, welcome again. Make yourself comfortable, and be prepared for the madness to commence!

Eirene kai Hugieia!
(Peace and Health!)
Luis A. Valadez


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