Preparing the Vine

Vitis Vinifera: the vine of Dionysus.

Vitis Vinifera: the vine of Dionysus.

I have of things to think about and to write my thoughts on here. Thank the Gods for blogging and social networking! A lot of times I need some sort of creative outlet to express myself unhindered, even if it can be rather crude. Having a right-brain injury has affected how I used to be and how I am now. So many times the only outlet I have is writing, which is good considering that I’m not usually as crude as I have been in a couple of blog posts. But moving past that…

A few days ago, just before our Temple celebrated the Rite to Hestia, Dionysus came a’knocking and instructed me to begin an intense devotional with him that will last 3 lunar cycles. I have absolutely no idea what is in store, if anything. But I plan on sharing some of my experiences and thoughts throughout this process.  I’ve done it before with Hekate, and the gnosis achieved was beyond intense. The subsequent revelations and Visions I received led me to the path I am now, and to the establishment of the Ophic Strix Mysteries.

In any case, I know I can expect one thing: change. Change for my own good, whatever that may entail. As I write about (some of) my experiences and thoughts, I hope to spur others to worship the Gods. Because sometimes, while venting can be an outlet, a lot of arguing accomplishes nothing. Especially if that arguing is not backed up by actually doing any work. I mean, hell, that’s all anyone complains about when it comes to politics! And while I think there is a time and place for debate, there is also a time when we need to center ourselves and commit to the kind of Work we proclaim to do.

I know for myself one of the things which Dionysus has done is take away my craving for meat. I am a proud omnivore, glad to fill my face with steak cuts of any kind! But when He began to impel this kind of Working upon me, I began to notice that I wasn’t craving meat, chicken or seafood. And…I was okay with that. This is very different from when Hekate asked me to go on a temporary fast for Her. She didn’t ease anything at all! Ugh! *blows a kiss to the Bitch’s altar* I love you, Momma! Hehe.

Anyway, off I go. Time for some pruning and shearing. Time for some preparation. Oh, sacred God, let me be intoxicated with Your love!

Eirene kai Hugieia!
(Peace and Health!)


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