Polytheist Leadership Conference


Sannion posted about the final touches which have brought together the necessary components for the Polytheist Leadership Conference, taking place this summer in New York. You can find the links in chronological order here, here, here and here. Anomalous Thracian encouraged me to attend, which honestly I would love to. I spoke to my husband to see what money we could save between now and July in order to go. If nothing else, hopefully I’ll be able to go with my girlfriend. I need someone with me for important reasons: social anxiety, traumatic brain injury quirks, new environment, etc. I’m hoping to be able to know before April. Although I would love to speak, I think this one has people who are far more wiser than I (and, believe me, being an academic-minded Dionysian who at times doesn’t play well with others tends to show how much of a fool I can play with my impatience at people who are less intelligent than myself…don’t judge, you do it too).

Why am I considering attending? Our Temple is caught in a crux between where we are in our identity. But one thing is clear: we are polytheist. As such, we have quite the different approach to ritual which I’ve already posted about. Ritual is my love letter to the Theoi. We are a blend of the Western Mysteries and Classical Hellenic Polytheism, albeit our approach to Them is from the perspective of the Mystery Cults versus Homer or Hesiod. As such, we are more Revivalist than anything. We value creating new traditions and new forms of celebration that are rooted to our own local climate here in Florida, as well as balancing academia and personal gnosis. Our foundation is historical precedent, but sometimes we need to adapt our faith to the here and now, as well as wherever we may take the Mysteries with us.

I’m not surprised that we are in the flux we are in now. In our Temple’s festival calendar, we are in the Bull Half of the Year. The Festival Calendar is divided into the Wolf and the Bull (Hekate and Dionysus, respectively). This is something that was revealed to me by the Theoi that we should follow, and so we do. Currently Dionysus is the patron for this time, and I am in the middle of a devotional process lasting 3 lunar cycles (just as the Anthesteria is approaching). Change, change, change. Change in our (or my) perspective, change in my dance, change in my perception, and change within myself. I am being pruned and sheared, and possibly will be pressed upon as He dances gloriously upon me, treading out the kakodaimon of ignorance like His Indian counterpart, Shiva. Dionysus is my love and my life, and this week I’ll be exploring His Mythos from the research I uncover regarding Asterion and Zagreus. Nothing makes me more gleeful than treading the labyrinth.

The website where you can get more details on the Polytheist Leadership Conference and register is here.

Eirene kai Hugieia!
(Peace and Health!)


2 thoughts on “Polytheist Leadership Conference

  1. justme0486 says:

    I can’t go to the event myself (darn wheelchair) however I would love to hear about your experiences if you do attend. Thank you and blessings on your journey from one Pagan to another.

  2. luisvaladez says:

    Blessings to you as well! 🙂 And thank you.

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