Asterion: Star of the Labyrinth

The Star Within the Labyrinth

The Star Within the Labyrinth

The following is based upon a combination of research and personal gnosis.

The Starry Bull of Heaven.

The Sacred Moon-Child of the Moon and Sea.

Half-Bull, Half-Man, All Hero.

He is the Sacred King who sits within the center of the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth: the spiral dance of the Sun Bull, the House of the Double-Axe, the fylfot womb which nurtured the Beloved Child. He is Taurus, the Starry Bull of the Equinox that marked the New Year. His sacrifice maintained the Law of Themis, the covenant  between the Deathless Ones and the mortal realm. His death was the expiation for the world to maintain its harmony. He is simultaneously father and son. He is the light that perpetually shines in the Underworld as He walks the veil above. He is Zagreus: the torn child whose seven separate limbs became the Seven Planets, His heart remaining to birth forth humanity. Order from Chaos.

He is the apotheosis of the Labyrinth mandala –  the place to which we all aspire to travel, and come forth back again. I desire for the Bull to eat and ravage me into pieces, for I desire rebirth into His world. I desire to be eaten, to be separated, and to be brought back together within His body. I desire to know the pain of omophagia that I might truly live in wonder, and behold the Starry world which is hidden from all but those courageous enough to walk the darkness of the spiral.

I am His sacrifice. I am His propitiation. I am His expiation. I am His and I am not my own.

I am the sweat of the stars made flesh. I am the incarnation of His form above. I am the spilled semen, the joy of His ejaculate, the ekstasis of His guttural cries, the bliss of His little death (or is He the bliss of mine?). Where does He begin and I end? Where do I end and He begins?

He is my Psychopomp, guiding my soul to reunion with the stars. As the light penetrates the entrance to the cavernous womb in Knossos, might He be its very manifestation, come to awaken us to Truth?

Awaken, awaken. Awake!

Eirene kai Hugieia!
(Peace and Health!)


One thought on “Asterion: Star of the Labyrinth

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