Myth is the Soul of a Tradition

Orphic Tablet from Petelia, Italy (in Harrison, Prolegomena, p. 573)

Orphic Tablet from Petelia, Italy (in Harrison, Prolegomena, p. 573)

Something about how my girlfriend said this statement really resonated with me, because it’s so true. I truly believe that the Lore of any Tradition speaks volumes about how an initiate can learn to interact with the Deathless Ones, because these Myths are the stories of our Ways, our People, our Ancestors, our Dances. We can leave the nuances of thealogical discourse for those outside of our Ways, but for the paths which call to us, it is not what we walk away with that matters, but the experiences in that very moment which speak beyond anything we can touch or sense. Because when we walk away, our analysis begins, and ever afterwards we wonder if we are the round hole or the square peg?

When you are called by the Gods of a particular Tradition, you need to know that you are being called to dance a particular rhythm with the Cosmos. You are being called to sing a specific tune, to harmonize with a specific vibration, to play a particular instrument. It’s a gift exchange, this calling: the Ancient Ones want to hear your aria in concert with your fellow chorus, while you are given a skill/talent/gift to in turn become something most excellent!

Yes, the Theoi (or insert your pantheon here) want to hear your serenade, because that’s what your worship is to Them. They are hungry for attention, which can baffle many of us because why should something as awesome and mega-powerful as a God need attention?

Simply put: ask Them.

Gods are not Gods because They are pure or omni-anything. They are Gods because They are Gods. No mystery needed. But in Their Godhood, They are in a symbiotic cycle with us mortals which comes from Laws more ancient than even Them. Call it Ananke, Wyrd, Themis, Ma’at, what-have-you. But at the core of nearly all of our Polytheistic religion expressions is our return to our Dances.

So if you don’t have a living Mythos while you are building something for Them, then write it. Write down your experiences. Write down your Visions. Look to the past at what has survived, and if it’s been broken: then write new ones. Don’t be afraid to create a new Dance for Them, because at some point that’s what the ancients did.  You’ll find out what works and what doesn’t as you keep trying. Keep working. Keep dancing. Keep serenading. Because in the end, the living Mythos that is weaved with pen, tongue, instrument, and heart will beat within the Soul of those who come after you. And then we will all look forward to an eternal chorus hearing the music that was born from Love.

Eirene kai Hugieia!
(Peace and Health!)


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