Polytheist Leadership Conference

Polytheist Leadership Conference

So I’ve been away for awhile here because I had medical needs to attend to. My sister had eye surgeries and I myself have some neurological testing approaching. In any case, I’m hoping to return to my sacred space here and post my thoughts, thealogies, rants and ravings. You know, like a good Dionysian. But in any case, the Polytheist Leadership Conference is approaching and I am very excited. But, I am not above asking for help, because in my current financial situation I cannot afford any of it. So, I calculated the cost for 2 people to go (myself included) and it’s going to be, with fees included, about $700.

I need your help.

I would raise money to just take myself, but with a traumatic brain injury and other neurological issues, going alone would not be the best thing. I’ve created a gofundme account so that I can raise the money to send me and one of my partners there this Summer. I’m looking forward to seeing what our respective Communities can accomplish, and hopefully having faced needless drama from the surrounding Pagan Communities, perhaps we can take these lessons with us and forge a path of cooperation and alliance. Here’s my motto:

Unification in Diversity!

We are a growing network of temples, cults, devotees and traditional tribes in the making that can a significant difference as Spirit Walkers in all of the realms we touch. I’m excited so far to hear the scheduled speakers. More than anything, making new friends and creating networking opportunities is what I love. We also have an opportunity to create history…a legacy that will ripple throughout our budding communities for time to come. Light the fires, call the dead, dance with revelry: what more could anyone ask for?

Okay I’ll stop rambling. Below is the link to my Gofundme account. I’ll be posting it with every blog post I submit. Any amount will help tremendously. Donating costs you NOTHING, except the investment you’re willing to do. In advance, thank you for reading, thank you for commenting (whether we agree or not on things), and thank you for helping me out with this trip. I drink to you all!

My Gofundme account:


Eirene kai Hugieia!
(Peace and Health!)


3 thoughts on “Polytheist Leadership Conference

  1. Ray says:

    Hey maybe Philip can help fund your endeavor. You must remember him… he’s the guy you ripped off for money for a ring for your husband.

    • luisvaladez says:

      Sigh. Just as I suspected. I’ll be honest and tell you I don’t know the name, but it does seem as though you and Kasha are aquainted with people from my past who have already talked about me. It’s just as well we don’t attend PPD then or have anymore to do with you.

      If you have anything further to attack me about, I ask kindly that you keep it off my page though. As I recall, you said you wouldn’t post anything more anyway. Your desire to keep on attacking me based on rumor-mongering proves that the PPD leadership is breaking the PPD rules. Ray, I am not interested in a witch-war. Any further online harrassment will be deleted promptly. Do yourself a favor and save whatever dignity you claim to have left before you continue to embarrass yourself and the PPD committee. Thank you.

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