Seated goddess, probably Persephone on her throne in the underworld, Severe style ca 480–60, found at Tarentum, Magna Graecia (Pergamon Museum, Berlin)

Seated goddess, probably Persephone on her throne in the underworld, Severe style ca 480–60, found at Tarentum, Magna Graecia (Pergamon Museum, Berlin)

We often think of the Gods and what They can do. We often think about our relationship in terms of the Gods and mortals. It seems that the next step from there is to discuss ancestral veneration. The latter has been on the increase among some sectors of Pagandom, but there is surely more than that? We have a host of Powers that are ripe, practically begging in some cases, to be recognized so that mortals can return to the enchantment of the world. Mortals crave enchantment, a return to some imaginative approach to the world we live in. There are plenty of societies that recognize a multitude of spirits that the world hosts: spirits of land, sea and sky. Spirits of the dead: ancestors and phantasms. Spirits beyond the world we inhabit, untouchable until we go higher in consciousness.

How do people crave enchantment in a world where science teaches us to approach the rational? Cryptozoology, Paranormal Science, and other fringe sciences are just a few of the tools where people seek the unknown in an attempt to see more than the reality that is given to them. We want to believe in a Bigfoot. We want to believe in the Loch Ness Monster. We want to believe in sightings of fairies, aliens and unicorns. We hunger for a glimpse beyond the veil because our life deserves some more meaning then what we’ve been given. These are the doors of our consciousness that runs in our veins, gifted by our ancestors who are moving to push us and see the world that THEY lived in. Why taboos, sacrifices, offerings, blessings and myths had such an impact on their lives. This is the planet that we should understand.

Many will dismiss this as me simply encouraging imaginations gone wild, or pseudoscience. For those that know me, I will state from the outset that I am a rational human being. I am logical. But we must recognize the inherent mysticism which pervades Western thought, especially since a mystic, Parmenides of Elea, is considered the Father of Logic and Metaphysics. Parmenides was taught the path of Logic by none other than the Goddess Persephone in the Underworld (Kingsley, P., In the Dark Places of Wisdom). And this is right, for Persephone is the Goddess of stillness and enlightenment. She is the one the Dionysian seeker travels to in order to be judged worthy of the Blessed Lands. She is the Wholeness that completed the Underworld, marrying Hades and giving birth to the “Second Hades,” namely Dionysus.

And perhaps it is that the Underworld is attempting to open our eyes to the possibilities that exist in the notion of land spirits, cloud spirits, spring and water nymphs, satyrs, various daimones, etc. We enter the territory that they have claimed for themselves and are inviting us to partake of the party they have been having for a long time. The Earth is crying out for recognition, daring us to build our symbiotic ecosystems with Her children…all of Her children. It’s time to use that mystic logic in our lives and contact the spirits which surround us. The Underworld points the way.

Eirene kai Hugieia!
(Peace and Health!)


Kingsley, P. “In the Dark Places of Wisdom.”


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