Exploring Modern Pagan Ethics III: Witchcraft, Hexes and Cursing


Phyrgian Curse Tablets (1st-3rd Century CE)

This is the final of my three-part series on modern Pagan Ethics, and I am seriously wondering if I should do any type of series in the future. I may, but right now I need to give a rant about some thing. But I’ll save that for my next blog entry. While I have discussed some of the misnomers about the Law of Three and the Wiccan Rede, it seems that many in the Neo-Wiccan camp insist on interpreting both principles as inviolate laws. They refuse to mingle with Witches (even those who are Traditional Wiccans) that profess they have zero issues with cursing and hexing, like we somehow have a disease that affects us. Or, worse, yet, that we carry “negative energy.”

You know what? Nature is positive and negative. We are fucking human, and we experience the range of emotions going from anger, to happiness, to sad, to bored, to extreme pissiness, to horny, to whatever else we have. Our sex tastes feature from gentle to rock-your-ass-clawing-biting-spit-blood-cum-in-your-face deal. We love our neighbors, and hate our neighbors. We love our families, and we hate our families. We feel love and betrayal. We feel injustice and the venom that can come from traumatic pasts or unsavory characters.

And yes, we carry negativity, because it’s called LIFE!

I have zero conflict about lending healing energy when someone needs it, and I have absolutely no conflict within me when I am betrayed, hurt or attacked to attack back. When someone does their absolute best to ruin my life or my reputation, I will pull out my arsenal, dig a pit to the Underworld, offer some blood, bury a tablet, and resort to eviscerating them in writing. That’s witchcraft; that’s magic.

I am a Witch, and a Wiccan. I honor the Dead and the Old Ones. I know how to channel and call up spirits for harm and healing. One of my Gods, Apollon, is the God whose arrows inflict both plague and healing. Hekate is my Goddess who rules the heavenly skies and the dread denizens at the crossroads. Dionysus calls down madness upon those who reject Him or offend His people. Whatever consequences I face from my actions, it’s upon my head. I know what the fuck I am doing, and the last thing I need is some wannabe witch telling me, “Oh but you’re going to surround yourself with negativity and don’t forget the Law of Three and Harm None!” Honestly, those words (or something similar) are all I need to figure out what kind of person I am dealing with. They have told me more than I ever need to know. And I pity the person who thinks that because I am Wiccan, I won’t resort to magic to get even.

Here’s the reality of the situation:

We all have ways we deal with conflict, betrayal, hurt and bad people. Sometimes the ways in which we are dealt are not fair. I don’t have a lot of money. I can’t afford lawyers. I struggle. My witchcraft is born because of the suffering I live. I think many American Neo-Wiccans are spoiled. While I think that there are many ways to deal with certain conflicts in a healthy manner, some things cannot. Bad employers discriminating against you? Someone suing you? Someone accusing you of something that you’re innocent of? Someone is threatening to take away your kids and leave you with nothing? Trust me, when your back is against the wall and you can’t think of a way out: magic. Hexing. Cursing.

I am a Witch, and I have no shame.

Eirene kai Hugieia!
(Peace and Health!)